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About us

Funded in 1999 by a team of licenced public accountants and auditors, our firm was born with the name “Analisi Aziendali s.r.l.”.

The firm is authorised to the auditing practice according to the Law 23/11/1939 n.1966 and R.D. 22/04/1940 n. 531. Moreover, it is enrolled in the Register of Auditors since its foundation with the Government Decree 27/01/992 n.88 on the n. 114800 with the new name “Moore Stephens Sicilia s.r.l.”.

Established in Messina, where the general office is located, nowadays our firm operates all over the national territory. Thanks to the functional agreements with the international network “Moore Stephens International” which is present all around the world, our firm can support its clients even abroad.

Recently, our firm has collected specific experience as EU trustee supervisor in the regions receiving European funds.

The firm is part of the group Moore Stephens International that includes more than 366 auditing and counselling firms and professional offices, totally independent from one another, with a total of 647 offices in 98 countries: it is also an active partner of Moore Stephens Italia.

Our staff includes associates, accountants enrolled to the Accounting Register and to the Professional Orders, and external collaborators, all of them owning remarkable work experience developed over 30 years of professional activity.



Vincenzo Trignano, born in Messina, he graduated in Economics at the University of Messina in 1978. He is enrolled to the Register of Professional Accountants and in the register of Auditors. He gained a broad work experience in the company field, numbering among his clients middle-sized companies such as large-scale retailers, airlines and cooperatives. He also got important experiences in EU programmes auditing.

Mauro Piccolo graduated in Economics in 1983 and is enrolled to the Register of Professional Accountants of Messina and to the Register of Auditors. He is an expert in personnel administration and relations with social security departments.

Antonino Barbagallo graduated in Economics at the University of Messina in 1988 and is enrolled to the Registers of Auditors. He collected a broad experience in the auditing of local authorities and specific knowledge as trustee CTU (technical office counsellor) for the Tribunal of Messina. Moreover he gained experience as Legal Administrator for the Tribunal in the Prevention Department.

Franco Pullia graduated in Economics at the University of Messina in 1991. He is enrolled to the Register of Professional Accountants of Messina and to the Register of Auditors. He has gained broad experiences as an expert in building firms, and asseveration Project Financing.

Alfonso Trignano born in Messina, graduated in Counselling, Management and Profession at the University of Messina in 2008. He holds an MBA from Link Campus University Rome. He is enrolled to the Register of Professional Accountants of Messina and Legal Auditors on the n. 160115 D.M. 15/07/2010, published on G.U. n.60 30/07/2010. After gaining several experiences in international companies, both public and private, he undertook concessional finance and strategic counselling. Today he operates mainly in the fields of start-up counselling and europlanning.

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